Cat Songs Quick Facts and Who's Who

Andrea Lozada

  • Andrea is gold record selling dance artist who recorded under the name Laurèll in Monteal, Canada. She had a #1 dance single entitled For Your Love and other dance hits in North America, Europe and the Middle East. 
  • Cat Songs concept, original lyrics, co-production, cat vocals, all cat voices and noises

Artie Meyer

  • Artie is major label credited producer, musician and re-mixer. He is the owner of SoundVox Studios.
  • Cat Songs production, all instruments and programming (with exceptions noted below), sound recording and mixing

Steve Eigner

  • Steve is a Grammy nominated recording engineer with numerous gold and multi-platinum records.  As an engineer, arranger and musician he's worked with Justin Timberlake, Nelly, Jay-Z, The BeeGees, Mary J. Blige, Little Steven, and Brian McKnight to name a few. (You dont have all day)
  • Cat Songs vocals, guitar and bass on Kitty Craze, Takin' Out my Business, Wake Up Giant Human and vocals on Eleanor Tabby.  Also helped tweak guitar, bass and live drum sounds for those songs!
  • Andrea's brother (the best brother in the world and a REALLY good sport!)