Help to get this this amazing album released!

You can donate above to help get this amazing album released. We still have to pay for licenses,  Your contribution isn't tax deductible by any means (unless you are brilliantly and criminally creative) but the kittys and I will really appreciate it! We may even feature your fabulous furry child on this website!  Thank you eternally for your support in all forms: monetary, spiritual, emotional and especially psychological! With love, Andrea Lozada

Right now we're securing the licenses to release these parodies. (Say a prayer for us and for the kitties this CD will benefit!) 


When the album is released you'll be able buy a hillarious CD about our wacky furry children and help save precious kitty lives too.


The Cat Songs CD will bring abundant joy to the heart of any cat lover!  Buddy "all in" Meyer (the maverick Tabby pictued on the right) guarantees it!  Plus 10% of our profits will benefit no-kill animal shelters!